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MongoDB for Artificial Intelligence

MongoDB Atlas unifies operational, analytical, and generative AI data services to streamline building AI-enriched applications.
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Take AI from ideation to scale at speed
Generative AI and Advanced Search
Learn how developers accelerate the delivery of production scale and safe AI-enriched apps using a platform that unifies operational and AI data services.
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The landscape of AI workloads

Generative AI-enriched applications

Generative AI-enriched applications

Today's smart apps go beyond predictive analytics to create completely new experiences — from chatbots offering personalized support to AI-generated images, code, audio, and video — all from natural language inputs and in real time.
Traditional AI-enriched applications

Traditional AI-enriched applications

Most modern applications leverage analytics to create more meaningful and reactive customer experiences. Through the use of machine learning models, AI automates complex decisioning for personalization, fraud prevention, predictive maintenance, and more.
Feature store and inference store

Feature store and inference store

Feature stores are systems used to store and serve attributes used in machine learning models. Offline feature stores prioritize high throughput and are used for model training. Inference stores, or online feature stores, prioritize low latency for real-time inferences and serving live applications.
Embedding Generative AI and Advanced Search into your apps with MongoDB Atlas

Resources for building AI-powered applications

Discover how to leverage MongoDB to streamline development for the next generation of AI-powered applications.

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Core platform capabilities


Unify diverse data services

Simplify the AI lifecycle through operational, analytical, and AI data services that leverage a single data model and single query API on top of a highly scalable and secure multi-cloud platform.

“All of the business logic of our platform needs to make decisions very fast. It’s all running on Atlas, which allows us to move faster because we don’t have to worry about deploying or scaling. Whenever we need to add more fields, more queries, more steps in the business logic, Atlas just works. We don’t have to think about it.”
Amit Ben
Founder/CEO, OneAI
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“With MongoDB’s developer data platform, we can effortlessly manage an expanding array of user interactions, spanning diverse data types such as text, all while maintaining peak performance levels.”
Benjamin Mayr
VP of Engineering, Co-Founder, Cognigy
“With Atlas Vector Search now we have a comprehensive vector/metadata database – that’s been battle-tested over a decade – that solves our dense retrieval needs [to perform retrieval-augmented generation]. No need to deploy a new database we have to manage and learn.”
Pierce Lamb
Senior Software Engineer, VISO TRUST
“With MongoDB Atlas, we’re able to add sensors and fields that we’re reading out on the fly without having to go through a whole schema redesign.”
Dirk Slama
VP of Co-innovation and IT/IoT Alliances, Bosch
“We could move quickly and make changes as we needed to. We could seamlessly extract data for our data scientist to analyze, allowing us to fine tune our processes.”
Larry Steinberg
CTO, Rent the Runway

Build ML/AI applications with a suite of integrated data services



A multi-cloud database service built for resilience, scalability, data privacy, and security.

Application-Driven Intelligence: A guide for technology leaders

To compete and win in the digital economy you need to make your applications smarter. Smarter apps use data, AI, and analytics to engage users with natural language, generate insights and autonomously take action.

To build this new generation of apps, we need to do things differently. We can no longer rely on just copying our data out of operational systems into centralized analytics systems. Instead, we have to bring a new class of AI and analytics processing directly to the source of the data – to the applications themselves. We call this application-driven intelligence.

A design pattern for app-driven intelligence.
Defining the next wave of modern apps

MongoDB Atlas puts powerful AI and analytics capabilities directly into the hands of developers in ways that fit their workflows, frameworks, and languages.

Learn more about the requirements to successfully deliver application-driven intelligence and how you can get started.

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MongoDB AI Innovators Program

From prototype to production, ensure your AI-powered apps are grounded in truth with the most up-to-date operational data while meeting the scalability, security, and performance users expect. Work with MongoDB experts and pursue partner collaborations, optimizations, and joint sales motions.
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Amazon Web Services


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Go from 0 to 1 to enterprise-ready with MongoDB Atlas and LLMs
Go from 0 to 1 to enterprise-ready with MongoDB Atlas and LLMs
Get started with MongoDB Atlas, popular generative AI frameworks, and LLMs to build your next-generation application that can perform at scale
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Turning MongoDB into a Predictive Database

Using MongoDB and MindsDB to enhance predictive capabilities for data science and data engineering teams.

Start building with AI today

Start building with AI today

MongoDB Atlas unifies operational, analytical, and AI data services to streamline building AI-enriched applications.
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