Quick Release Aluminum Wet Mop Handle

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This aluminum handle is ideal for those looking for a lightweight yet durable and easy-to-use mop handle that will fit a narrow band mop head. The handle features a flexible plastic head with a hinged gripper that easily bites onto a narrow band mop head, securing it tightly for maximum performance. When you’re done mopping, it can be quickly released without the need to touch the mop head at all. The functional design features a 6” white plastic end cap with a hand grip and a hanging end cap so that the tool can be hygienically stored after use with a wall rack.

All components of the handle are FDA-compliant and safe for food contact. Additionally, due to the sturdy 6063-T832 aluminum build, the handle presents no risk for shattering and leaving behind debris, so it’s a favorite for use in hygiene sensitive areas. Easy to clean and available with 11 color coded polypropylene hanging caps, this handle can also be easily incorporated into an existing color-coding plan.