Stainless steel wire scratch brush, abrasive, resin set

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Salmon Hygiene Technology has developed a revolutionary improvement in brush filament retention, whereby each tuft is stapled into the brush back with food grade stainless steel staples and then epoxy resin is floated in. The resin permeates the bottom of the tuft hole, covering the filaments and staples as it goes. The resin seals the face of the brush, secures the filaments, and prevents the accumulation of dirt or moisture in the tuft holes. No other manufacturer in the world employs both resin set technology along with food grade stainless steel staples.
  • Designed for areas with high safety requirements such as Food Production Facilities
  • Total prevention of dirt, moisture and bacteria in the tuft holes
  • Total prevention of filaments being removed
  • Supreme quality and durability
  • Products are easier to clean
  • Color Coding in 5 colors for segregation and HACCP
  • Autoclaved at 134˚C/273˚F
  • Superior technology to ALL other methods
  • The Ultimate safety solution